Customer service … or how to lose a customer!!!

I went shopping with #1 on Saturday – nothing unusual in that, it’s a favourite passtime. But the experience was far from pleasant. It might be wise at this point if I mention that I assess and train customer service so i know what I am talking about.

I have summarised the experience as a simple 12 step guide; feast your eyes and share your thoughts…

How to lose a customer in 12 easy steps

1)   Continue to talk to your friends as a queue builds up

2)   Do not greet the customer as they approach your till

3)   Look at the customer as if they have two heads

4)   Do not listen to what the customer is saying

5)   Tell your customer “you should have gone to another desk”

6)   Tell your customer their order will be ready in 20 minutes

7)   Ignore your customer when they come back after 20 minutes

8)   Continue to talk to your friends/colleagues while customers wait (do you see a trend here??)

9)   Do not apologise for the delay

10)  Do not thank the customer for waiting for one hour

11)   Do not say goodbye, farewell, adieu, so long…

12)   And above all……be prepared to lose that customer ……forever!!!

I will keep the name of the store in question to myself (an American owned supermarket) but really!!!



Well, that’s my holidays booked for this year 🙂

I start with a long weekend in Birmingham with child #1 – we’re going to see McBusted and a bit of girlie shopping in Bicester en route. Call me sad but I’m really looking forward to it – I took Mad (child #1) to see Busted and McFly 10 years ago so it only seems right that we both go to see the combined band…

Then it’s off to Butlins with my son (child # 2), daughter-in-law and grandson  – should be fun; the last time my son was 12 so another 10th anniversary. It will be interesting for both of us to go to the old “family” resort with a different perspective – he as a parent and me as a Nanna…

Which leads to October and another trip to Paris with #1…no reason this year, just because we can!! So this year we are staying in the Marais – had a bimble around the area last year and it looks good – also a bit nearer to the Pompidou Centre.

So, a busy year ahead…just need to try to convince  my other half that we need to get away on our own. All work and no play etc etc…

50 and Fabulous